Strawberry milk cake

*ingredients :

°1 liter of milk

°1.5 cups of sugar

°1 cup flour (100 g flour)

°1 cup starch (140 g cornstarch).

° 1. A bag of cream

°1 cup of coconut

°100 gm light cream cheese

° 1 packet of vanilla

° biscuits (according to your desire)

+ to decorate:

° Desired sauce (caramel, chocolate or fruit sauce)


°1 cup strawberries (mashed)

° 4 tablespoons of sugar

° 1 tablespoon of cornstarch

° Cookies of your choice


Mix flour and sugar. coconut starch in a saucepan

Mix well and slowly add the milk while stirring

Continue to cook until boiling and let it cook for another 5 minutes

R, remove from heat and mix

Add cheese and vanilla

And he won too

In a template, put cling film so that it fits all the walls

molding machine

Smooth, put cookies inside


Return to the serving plate

Make strawberry sauce by mixing strawberry purée, sugar, and starch

Let it thicken

Mix, let cool and cover your cake

Garnish with mint leaves, crushed hazelnuts or almonds